November Update: Rock Band 3 and SuperRiff Surprise

Hi folks!

So, it's almost the end of the year, and a few things have happened since my last update, so it's more than high time for me to make another report!

The Next Generation Approaches! Woo!

So, it's September, and both Guitar Hero: Warriors of Rock and Rock Band 3 are almost upon us!

Obviously, each new release of a music game that contains a new peripheral is of interest both to users of Armchair Guitarist, and to me as its author. The biggest and most obvious question is "Will the new hardware work?". The next question is "Will this hardware let us do anything we can't do already?"


Added Ableton Live Tutorial

I've added the first in a series of articles on how to set Armchair Guitarist up in different Digital Audio Workstations. Most requested, and therefore first up, is Ableton Live!.

Go here for the whole tutorial!


Unauthorised Download Mirrors

It seems that some unscrupulous folks have decided to mirror this software on their own sites, without my permission. This is a Bad Thing. Hit the Read More link to find out why...


Major Website Update

The Armchair Guitarist Website has undergone a major update! The new website provides tutorials, news, and assorted documentation, with lots more to follow.



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