Unauthorised Download Mirrors

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It seems that some unscrupulous folks have decided to mirror this software on their own sites, without my permission. This is a Bad Thing. Hit the Read More link to find out why...

First off, If you're one of the people doing this, please remove Armchair Guitarist from your site immediately. And shame on you. If you wish to host the file, please contact me first. I would vastly prefer it if you would link here instead.

Note that links are okay. We like links. But actually mirroring the downloadable part of the software on your own site without my permission, or under the few rare cases permitted by KVR, is not allowed. It throws my stats off, steals my ad revenue (which pays to develop the software and host this website), and removes the tacit guarantee that what the user downloads is free of any nasty little additions.

For everyone else, please make sure you are downloading Armchair Guitarist from a legitimate, authororised location - at the moment, the only company who can legitimately host Armchair Guitarist is KVR Audio. The only other legitimate method of distribution is by hand. This is the only way that I can ensure that what you're getting is actually Armchair Guitarist, and not a version altered to contain malware or viruses...

A legitimate copy of Armchair Guitarist should contain a single .dll file, two HTML files, a few .png files and nothing else. If you've downloaded Armchair Guitarist from another location and it seems to contain more than that, I'd advise you to scan your PC for viruses, and then hit the Download banner and get a legitimate copy.

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