Major Website Update

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The Armchair Guitarist Website has undergone a major update! The new website provides tutorials, news, and assorted documentation, with lots more to follow.



Major Website Update

The work of months of tinkering in my spare time have finally come to fruition, and I can finally say that Armchair Guitarist has a decent website!

This is a vast improvement over the old, rather sorry looking version, which was knocked together in the space of an afternoon with a deadline to meet. I've deliberately taken my time with this one, to make sure it's just right.

The new site is built on the Joomla! platform, a rather nifty website building tool that basically provides everything but the kitchen sink, leaving only a few gaps to be filled in. This allows me to post and arrange content at will, making it easy for me to post news, new tutorials and more. It also gives us a portal directly into the bug tracking system, so that bugs (and their fixes!) can be tracked right within the main site.

I plan to keep updating the content on this site on a regular basis - expect to see more tutorials in future, as well as regular updates on the state of the software, and news regarding new technologies and controllers.

In the meantime, feel free to browse, and comment where you feel the need! If you find any mistakes, please feel free to comment and let me know :)

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