Lesson 3: Playing Notes

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Now that you've installed Armchair Guitarist, loaded it in your DAW and connected a Controller, you are ready to play some notes. Read on to find out how.

Lesson 3: Playing Notes

In this lesson you will take your first steps in using Armchair Guitarist to produce music.

The first thing we need to do is start the plugin. If you haven't already, connect your controller (outlined in Lesson 2: The Controller) to your PC, start your Digital Audio Workstation, and load the plugin (both outlined in Lesson 1: Installation). Note that Armchair Guitarist can only see controllers that were attached to the PC when the plugin was started- if you do not see any controllers listed, but have your controller plugged in, try restarting the plugin.

You will now see the interface below:

Screenshot - Just opened

We will describe this interface piece by piece, as we use it, rather than try to explain the whole thing up front.


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