Lesson 4: Changing Strings and Frets - Step 3: Playing Notes on Different Strings and Frets

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Step 3: Playing Notes on Different Strings and Frets

There will be times when you'll want to play notes that are on different strings and frets to your current position on the Fret Board. This is entirely possible, if not entirely practical in the current version.

Let's start by playing a note, in Tap Mode. Just press and hold any Fret Button. Now, while that note is playing, without releasing the button, change to a different string and fret- you'll notice that your first note doesn't stop playing when you change (this is more obvious if your instrument plays long notes- a single pluck on an "accoustic" guitar sampler doesn't last long!)- in fact, if you switch to Pick Mode and give it a quick strum, the same note is played again! This is because the note you select stays selected until you unselect it, and that only happens when you release the button.

Now, without releasing the first button, make sure you're on a different string or fret, and press a different Fret Button. You will hear the note on this button, from the current string and fret, playing the new note still without stopping the other one. You can do this until you run out of fingers, or run out of Fret Buttons, the only restriction being that you can't use the same button for more than one note.

Now for the final trick. Select a note using every available finger, as described above, in Tap Mode. Then, without releasing any of the notes, switch to Pick Mode. Strum. You'll hear all four notes (If you can play five, there's a spaniard who'd like to meet you) played as a chord. This is not useful for actually playing chords when performing live, but can be used when recording offline, or for creating interesting 'effects'.

This concludes the Changing Strings and Frets tutorial!

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