Lesson 2: The Controller

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Learn how to use your Guitar Controller in Armchair Guitarist.



The Controller

Armchair Guitarist can be controlled using any Guitar Hero™ or Rock Band™ guitar controller for either the Sony Playstation 3 or the Microsoft XBox360 game consoles, as well as controllers for the PC versions of the games. Third party controllers produced for these games should also work.

All currently available guitar controllers have the following buttons:



  1. The Fret Buttons are used to select and play notes.
  2. The Strum Bar is used to play notes or change strings.
  3. The Start Button and Select Button / Back Buttons are used to switch between Pick Mode and Tap Mode.
  4. The Directional Pad is used to change frets and strings.
  5. The Whammy Bar is used to bend the pitch of notes.

The position of these controls varies from controller to controller, but all guitar controllers have these basic controls.

Connecting the Controller

In order to use your guitar controller with Armchair Guitarist you must first connect it to your PC. The means to do this differs from controller to controller.

If you are using a controller with a USB cable, then connecting it is easy- simply plug the controller into your USB port.

If you are using a wireless controller for the Sony Playstation 3, then plug the wireless receiver that came with your controller into the PC's USB port.

If you are using a wireless controller for the Microsoft XBox360 then you will need a wireless receiver from Microsoft, described here. These are occasionally difficult to get, but can often be found on EBay.

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