Lesson 1: Installation - Step 4: Adding an Instrument

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Step 4: Adding an Instrument

In the previous step, we loaded Armchair Guitarist into a new track in Reaper. In this step, we will add an Instrument to allow Armchair Guitarist to produce sound.

An Instrument is usually another VST Plugin, generally either a Synthesizer, which produces wholly electronic sounds, or a Sampler which plays back prerecorded sounds from real instruments.

Most of the best instruments to use to produce guitar sounds are samplers. There are numerous guitar samplers available- KVR Audio maintain a database of plugins that will contain what you need- click the button below for a list of guitar samplers from the database.


For this tutorial, we will be using a KVR Audio Developer Challenge entry from a previous year, SuperRiff Guitar. Download SuperRiffGuitar using the button below, and then continue.


Extract the .zip file you downloaded into your C:\VstPlugins\ folder.

Now we will load SuperRiffGuitar in Reaper.

As of the end of the previous step, you should have a screen resembling the following:

Reaper with Armchair Guitarist

As described in Step 2, go to the Options -> Preferences menu, and navigate to Plug-ins -> VST.

Reaper VST Preferences

Click the Rescan directory button, and then click OK.

We can now add a new track for SuperRiffGuitar. In the main window, right click the track area as you did in Step 3, and click Insert virtual instrument on new track.... Select SuperRiffGuitar from the list, same as you did for Armchair Guitarist, and click OK.

Your screen should now look similar to this:

Reaper with Armchair Guitarist and SuperRiffGuitar

In the next step, we will connect Armchair Guitarist and SuperRiffGuitar together to produce sound.

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