Lesson 1: Installation - Step 3: Load Armchair Guitarist

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Step 3: Loading Armchair Guitarist

In the previous steps we installed Armchair Guitarist to your hard drive, and told Reaper where to find it. In order to send MIDI messages to other plugins, Armchair Guitarist must be loaded into a Track in Reaper.

We will do this now.

As of the conclusion of the previous step, you should be in Reaper's main screen, show below:

Reaper Main Screen


All the various sources of audio data in Reaper are organised into Tracks, shown in the top half of the screen. Click with your right mouse button in the area beneath the buttons in the top-left of the window to bring up the track menu. This should look like this:


Reaper Insert Menu


Select Insert virtual instrument on mew track... (highlighted in green). You should see this screen:


Reaper Insert Instrument Window


Select VSTi: Armchair Guitarist (Mike Norrish) (mono) from the list, and click OK.


Armchair Guitarist should now load: The GUI will appear, and a track will appear on the left hand side:


Reaper with Armchair Guitarist Loaded


Armchair Guitarist is now ready to start sending MIDI messages. In the next step, we will add an Instrument to allow Armchair Guitarist to produce sound.

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