Lesson 1: Installation - Step 2: Setting Up your Digital Audio Workstation

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Step 2: Setting Up your Digital Audio Workstation

In order to use Armchair Guitarist, it must be loaded in a Digital Audio Workstation. If you are already a user of such software, then you should already be familiar with this process, and can skip this section. Otherwise, read on.


There are a large number of different Digiatal Audio products around, some free and some commercial. For the purposes of this tutorial, I will use Reaper, as it typifies many of the features found in other products. Download Reaper by clicking the button below, install it, and then continue.



Now that you have installed Reaper, we will tell it where to find VST Plugins.


Start by opening Reaper. You should see a screen that looks similar to this:


Reaper Main Screen


Next, go to the Options menu, and select Preferences, as shown below, highlighted in green:


Reaper Preferences Menu


You should now see a window like this:


Reaper Preferences Window


In this window, navigate to Plugin-ins -> VST using the tree menu on the left. Click the button labelled "Add", and, in the folder selection window that appears, find and select c:\VstPlugins\ and click OK. Reaper will scan the folder and find Armchair Guitarist. Click the OK button to return to the main Reaper window.


Next, we will find out how to load Armchair Guitarist into a track in Reaper.

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