Step 5: Connecting Armchair Guitarist to the Instrument

In the previous step we loaded SuperRiffGuitar as an instrument. In this step, we will tell it to receive MIDI messages from Armchair Guitarist. This will finally allow Armchair Guitarist to produce sound.


At the end of the previous step, you should have had a screen like this:

Reaper with Armchair Guitarist and SuperRiffGuitar

On the Track Controls for SuperRiff Guitar, you will see a button marked io. This allows you to select where a plugin will receive MIDI data from.


Click the io button, highlighted below in green:


Reaper Track IO Button


This will cause the following window to appear:


Reaper Routing Window

This is the Routing Window.


Click Add new receive..., and select 1: Armchair Guitarist, as shown below:

Reaper Add New Receive


You may now close the Routing window. SuperRiff Guitar is now set up to receive MIDI messages from Armchair Guitarist- when a note is played in Armchair Guitarist the corresponding sound wil be made by SuperRiff Guitar.


This concludes the Installation Tutorial. Continue to the other tutorials in this series to learn how to use Armchair Guitarist.

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